LED Light Dropshipping Made Easy

Discover Hundreds of LED Lighting Products at Dropshipping Discounted Prices
Once you join our Dropshipping Program, you will have access to hundreds of LED lighting products. Buy items at dropshipping discounted prices on your schedule. You pay for the merchandise and the actual shipping costs, and that's all! There is no minimum order requirement or or handling fee.

How the Process Works
You are responsible for collecting the funds from your customers. We will provide you access to order LED lights at dropshipping discounted prices. Once you have received an order from your customer, you place the order in our store through a verified PayPal account or credit card. You would supply us with your customers name and shipping address, and we will ship your order directly from our warehouse. We offer free ground shipping for orders over $100.

How Your Return Works
You can let your customers return LED light directly to our warehouse. Upon a confirmed arrival of your return, we will process the merchandise for a full refund into your account, or re-ship a replacement order. You are responsible to refund the money to your customers or inform them that a replacement order will be sent to them. We accept returns and refunds to your account only if they occur within 30 days after invoice date.

When We Dropship, We Do the Following
1) We do NOT include our company name on the packaging.
2) We do NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.

Who Should Join?
We welcome contractors, electricians, retailers, distributors and sales representatives who buy in small quantities frequently. 

If you are interested in our Dropshipping Program, email us here.