432W (144x3W) High Power LED Plant Grow Light

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Silbo Plant Grow Panel Light System is the perfect tool in growing plants to maximum health and full potential. This LED light technology has been scientifically proven as a crucial tool in providing plants with essential elements and enhancing the photosynthesis process. The combinations of Red and Blue LED lights have been formulated to provide a beneficially synchronized effect on the plant. The Blue LED lights (465 nanometers) provide peak chlorophyll absorption in the plant, promoting vegetative growth. The Red LED lights (630 nanometers) cause large absorption of nutrients by chlorophyll, most critically influencing the photosynthesis process, which in turn promotes budding and flowering.

Although most high power grow lights are used on an industrial level, they can also be used in households. Compared to other types of grow lights, LEDs for indoor plants are attractive because they consume much less electrical power, do not require ballasts, and produce considerably less heat than incandescent or fluorescent lights.This allows LEDs to be placed closer to the plant canopy than other lights. Also, plants under LEDs transpire less, as a result of the reduction in heat, and thus the time between watering cycles is longer.

  • 144 high quality 3W LEDs, total 432W
  • Input Voltage 100v/220V
  • Perfect for indoor plant lighting
  • 1 light panel and 1 hanging kit
  • Metal Housing
  • With 6 fans built in
  • Life span time > 30000 hours for LED chips
  • MFG Part#: SBG-002


 Brand  Silbo
 UPC Code  028672731404
 Input voltage  AC85~264V
 Shell Material  Metal
 Fixture Material  Metal
 Power consumption  400W
 Working Temperature  20℃-40℃
 Height  11.02 in
 Length  17.32 in
 Width  2.76 in.
 Lighting application  Plant Grow light
 Waterproof  No
 Mounting type  Wall;Celling
 Spectrum  Red 630nm, Blue 465nm
 Light Color  Red : Blue = 8:1
 Lumen  5800Lumen
Manufacturer warranty  1-year limited warranty





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